Why I can't see Downloads in user area?
One of common questions users ask, is why they can't download package in user area. Here I am copying my email to a client that other users can check why they may not see downloads on their site.

Quote:You did set file name as "Something" which is wrong I assume it should be "filename.zip". it is case sensitive filename only.
and for path name you did set "/home/username/downloads/filename.zip" which is wrong and should be the path only with no ending / so I changed it to "/home/username/downloads"

I did set description as "Something" which was set as filename by you.

I see you have several packages setup but only "Blah" package has an assigned download, so at this time if you order for "Blah" package, you should expect a download in user area not for other pckages.

also that download was assigned to "Blah Customers" user group but the user group of your only user is "default". Of couse that user will have no access to this download. by default all new users belong to deafult group unless you change their group manually under user profile in admin area.
See: https://www.mysite.com/admin/clientadmin.php?id=1
and you see his "User Group" is "defult" when you do edit the profile you will have all user groups in drop down menu and you can assign that user to "Blah Customers" to allow him access to that download. the purpose of this feature is that you might want to allow download of a particular file only to a particular user group such as "resellers" etc. I left the user group of "test" user to "default" and did change the usergroup of your download to "default" from "Blah Customers".

also I did notice you did set archive to yes. I did set it to "no" that they can have access to it on download.php, only your outdated versions should be set as archive which can be downloaded on downloada.php in user area. the purpose is that some of your users might want to download your older versions. If you don't want to allow them to download old versions you can set the download status as inactive. but "Archive" of new versions should be set to "No" as I did.

I did create a new test user, and ordered "Something" and with "Activate download immediately" the order status activated automatically when I did set the invoice as paid in admin area and I got access to download.

I see size with "Error" and could not download anything because may be your path name or filename is wrong or that file doesn't actually exists. You should check it yourself with correct path and filename.

Make sure both order status and download stats should be active to be able to download.
Thank you,
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