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We got this email from a user:

Quote:This is from a search on Google:

PHPLicengine Forums - Profile of paul.maxan
paul.maxan (Newbie) * Registration Date: 05-30-2009. Date of Birth: 04-10-1969 (40 years old) Local Time: 06-07-2009 at 05:48 AM Status: Offline ...

It is hard to believe that you made public my birthday and my age over the Internet. All you have to do is to respect your own privacy policy that states in line 5 under information gathering and use:
Members information is not disclosed to anyone. Any information will be protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction and is kept only for such purposes as responding to your requests, providing our services, and communicating with you.

Our answer to him:

Quote:Indeed we have respects for out privacy. Please look at our create account form.
As you see there we even did not ask your birth date and we do use sql injection to auto-signup forum accounts when a new user create account on our main website.
So your birthdate was never available to us so how could we disclose it to public?

It seems once you did edit your forum profile and did enter your birth date and you were not aware that forum profiles are public. So that was your mistake to make your birth date public. and this is the same with any other forums on the net. I think you never used any forums on the net so you were not aware that forum profile is public so you did enter your birth date publicly.

So instead of accusing us to have not respects for our privacy due to your own mistake, please just go to your forum account and edit your profile as desired.

His reply to us:

Quote:Regarding privacy, the information is leaked out from your side regardless
if the user is knowingly or unknowingly disclosing it. They disclose
information to your website, not to the world. You are the one disclosing
it to the world. Any way you want to see it, it is wrong and contradictory to your policy.

Our answer to him:

Quote:We did not disclose it to the world. I am wondering that you even don't know how google works. When forums profiles are public (any forums profiles on the net is public) google will index it. You did put your birth date on your public forums profile so it was indexed by google.

We did post this here to let other unexperienced net users like the person above, that all forum profiles on the net are public and google will index all public pages on the net and it has nothing to do with website owners with their privacy policy. This is user responsibility to care about their public forum profiles.
Thank you,
PHPLicengine Management
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