PHPLicengine v2 released
We are glad to announce that PHPLicengine v2 is released on 24 July.
We did migrate your profile to our new version and you can login to your account with the same login info you used on old system, but you should place a new order (15 days trial or paid) to download it as orders are not moved to new system. We apologies for inconvenience but it takes no more than 2 minutes!

The documentation is not yet updated but it should still answer 90% of your questions, we promess to update the documentation asap but at meanwhile you can request for support on forums

Screenshots can be found here:
You can download server checker script from:

As mentioned previously, v2 costs $150 annually and should be renewed with 10% of current main price on time or it will stop working. Current available modules are iDev, JAM and Kayako, and we will add other modules in next version. Modules are enabled on trial version but on paid version, it requires $30 one-time fee. (This is one-time, when new modules are added, no need to pay again.)

We offer $15 discount until 24 August (e.g. $127.50), and after that the price will be reset to $150.

You can order 15 days free trial or paid version on

If you have questions, you might want to consult our FAQ if your question is not answered there, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.
Thank you,
PHPLicengine Management
Unsolicited PMs will be ignored. All questions must be asked in forums.
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