Upcoming v2 Announcement
After acquiring PHPLicengine from previous owners, there was a pause in PHPLicengine functionality and we did suspend providing v1.x. During past months we did create v2. and now we are glad to announce that PHP Licengine v2 is ready to be released some time before the first of August.

Here you can see the screenshots of new admin area:

The change log of v2 can be found here:

To check whether your server meets PHP Licengine v2. requirements, you can download http://www.phplicengine.com/servercheck.zip and run servercheck.php on your server.

The price of unlimited annual license is $150, each year license should be renewed with 10% off of current main price (e.g. $135) or it will stop working. We offer $15 discount for first month after release (e.g. If we release it on 1 August, you can purchase it $127.50 until the first of September.)

By default license, modules are disabled and it requires a lifetime $30 activation fee. The current modules of v2.0.0 are (Kayako, JAM, iDev) and we are adding MaxMind Fraud Detection, and other forums and HelpDesks in the next version. (the activation fee is lifetime, no need to pay again when new modules are added.) Modules are enabled on 15-days free trial version.

We have an agreement with SourceGuardian and as a bonus of PHPLicengine license purchase, we offer 10% discount code upon request to purchase SourceGuardian license. (PHPLicengine itself is ionCubed.)

You will receive another announcement when v2 is officially released.
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PHPLicengine Management
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