How to get suport?
General Support Read Me First!--What qualifies as support; Tips for posting

Before requesting support, please read through this post and make sure you are posting the right information in the right place. This will make it much easier for you to get the help you need, and for us to help you.

What Qualifies As General Support

Day to day we're seeing many threads posted 'Urgent Help', 'I have a problem'.

The PHPLicengine Group provides support in this forum for:
  • General issues with PHPLicengine
  • General faults (which could possibly be bugs) with PHPLicengine
  • "How do I use feature x and feature y" discussions
Please also remember to use a descriptive title when posting as this allows us to quickly and possibly identify a problem and provide a solution, as well as provides us with a "priority scale."

Failure to abide by these support rules may result in:
  • No support being given for such questions
  • Your thread being deleted (extreme cases) and you being notified through the use of a PM
  • Your thread being directly moved (with no redirect) to the appropriate forum
Help us help the users by posting in the correct section.

Tips on Asking for Support

Here's just a few tips on asking for support.

1. Do not use thread titles such as "Help!!" or "Not working!"

Create a title that is unique and is descriptive of your problem.

Generally when the people want to give you answers they'd like to know what they're dealing with before looking at the thread.

2. Use descriptive details of your problem.

It really helps when you quote any errors being shown, and providing explicit detail about your problem. Screenshots are highly recommended. Provide the link to the problem page if possible.

3. Bumping Threads

I see this a lot here. And I think it would help if you only bumped your thread after a day of no response. If your problem is not addressed, don't fret, someone will usually see it. And if they don't I suggest giving the thread a day before bumping it.

4. Versions

Please indicate in your post which version of PHPLicengine you are using.

It may also be a good idea to indicate which version of PHP and MySQL you use.

5. Try to fix it yourself.

We're glad you use PHPLicengine, and we're glad to help you out with your issue. But, instead of just running to us with an issue, always try to fix it yourself, who knows? Maybe you'll find your answer yourself. Smile

And if your efforts failed, tell us about it so that we know what you have tried to do already.

Sometimes, problems have been fixed in newer versions of PHPLicengine. So if it is convenient, upgrade your board to see if the problem persists.

6. Do not private message, or instant message, people for help. Important!

Private messaging people for help is annoying and it won't help you get an answer quicker. This includes PMing people to ask them to read a thread. Only PM someone for support if they ask you to. Instant Messaging for help is also looked down upon, and extremely annoying.

7. Search The Forums First! Read the FAQ!

Use the search feature, it is your friend. Wink Your problem may have already been addressed. Why open a new thread when there is already the same one with the answers. Big Grin Also read the sticky threads at the top of the support forums.

There is a FAQ available on the PHPLicengine Docs that may answer your question.

8. Use proper English!

The last thing we want is to try and understand what the heck you are saying. Also proofread your message, so we don't have to ask you to explain. We understand that not everyone here may be fluent in English, and that it may not be your fault for not having English as your dominant language, so just try your best.

9. Correct Place

Please post your support question in the right forum, I haven't seen much of this but it's always good to leave Bug Reports and Support Questions separate, if a Support Question becomes a Bug, we'll move it accordingly.

Also, don't be afraid to open more than one thread for each question you want to ask. This makes it easier to discuss each question, than all at once in one thread with many problems on it.

10. Don't get annoyed

If someone cannot help you, but instead gives you a link to something that might help you, don't get annoyed because you don't have the answer right there and then. Go to the link and check it out. If you cannot make sense of it, say so. Don't get into an argument.

Remember, we, the support team members (and the other members in the PHPLicengine community) are human beings who volunteer our time to help you out. We try to respond to your support requests and to resolve them as soon as possible, and so please bear with us.

11. Helping Out

If you know the answer, don't just say "You gotta...." but actually help out. Give them a step by step guide on what they can do to fix it. Not everyone knows what you know. So let them know.

12. Additional Information on Profile

There are several optional fields on your profile (e.g. php version, phpinfo() link etc.) which would help us to answer you faster and better. For your privacy these fields are hidden to public and only support staff can see tham.

The Wiki

The Wiki contains many pages of information varying from the documentation of PHPLicengine to modifications to solutions of common problems.
Thank you,
PHPLicengine Management
Unsolicited PMs will be ignored. All questions must be asked in forums.
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