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  Profile signature
Posted by: Admin - 04-17-2014, 06:06 AM - Forum: Forum Rules - No Replies

Because of large amount of spams we disabled signature by default. If you are a valid user please pm me your signature and I'll add it to your profile.

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  Public Forum Profile
Posted by: Admin - 06-20-2009, 12:35 AM - Forum: Forum Rules - No Replies

We got this email from a user:

Quote:This is from a search on Google:

PHPLicengine Forums - Profile of paul.maxan
paul.maxan (Newbie) * Registration Date: 05-30-2009. Date of Birth: 04-10-1969 (40 years old) Local Time: 06-07-2009 at 05:48 AM Status: Offline ...

It is hard to believe that you made public my birthday and my age over the Internet. All you have to do is to respect your own privacy policy that states in line 5 under information gathering and use:
Members information is not disclosed to anyone. Any information will be protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction and is kept only for such purposes as responding to your requests, providing our services, and communicating with you.

Our answer to him:

Quote:Indeed we have respects for out privacy. Please look at our create account form. http://www.phplicengine.com/createacc.php
As you see there we even did not ask your birth date and we do use sql injection to auto-signup forum accounts when a new user create account on our main website.
So your birthdate was never available to us so how could we disclose it to public?

It seems once you did edit your forum profile and did enter your birth date and you were not aware that forum profiles are public. So that was your mistake to make your birth date public. and this is the same with any other forums on the net. I think you never used any forums on the net so you were not aware that forum profile is public so you did enter your birth date publicly.

So instead of accusing us to have not respects for our privacy due to your own mistake, please just go to your forum account and edit your profile as desired.

His reply to us:

Quote:Regarding privacy, the information is leaked out from your side regardless
if the user is knowingly or unknowingly disclosing it. They disclose
information to your website, not to the world. You are the one disclosing
it to the world. Any way you want to see it, it is wrong and contradictory to your policy.

Our answer to him:

Quote:We did not disclose it to the world. I am wondering that you even don't know how google works. When forums profiles are public (any forums profiles on the net is public) google will index it. You did put your birth date on your public forums profile so it was indexed by google.

We did post this here to let other unexperienced net users like the person above, that all forum profiles on the net are public and google will index all public pages on the net and it has nothing to do with website owners with their privacy policy. This is user responsibility to care about their public forum profiles.

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  How to get suport?
Posted by: Admin - 08-15-2008, 04:52 AM - Forum: Forum Rules - No Replies

General Support Read Me First!--What qualifies as support; Tips for posting

Before requesting support, please read through this post and make sure you are posting the right information in the right place. This will make it much easier for you to get the help you need, and for us to help you.

What Qualifies As General Support

Day to day we're seeing many threads posted 'Urgent Help', 'I have a problem'.

The PHPLicengine Group provides support in this forum for:

  • General issues with PHPLicengine
  • General faults (which could possibly be bugs) with PHPLicengine
  • "How do I use feature x and feature y" discussions
Please also remember to use a descriptive title when posting as this allows us to quickly and possibly identify a problem and provide a solution, as well as provides us with a "priority scale."

Failure to abide by these support rules may result in:
  • No support being given for such questions
  • Your thread being deleted (extreme cases) and you being notified through the use of a PM
  • Your thread being directly moved (with no redirect) to the appropriate forum
Help us help the users by posting in the correct section.

Tips on Asking for Support

Here's just a few tips on asking for support.

1. Do not use thread titles such as "Help!!" or "Not working!"

Create a title that is unique and is descriptive of your problem.

Generally when the people want to give you answers they'd like to know what they're dealing with before looking at the thread.

2. Use descriptive details of your problem.

It really helps when you quote any errors being shown, and providing explicit detail about your problem. Screenshots are highly recommended. Provide the link to the problem page if possible.

3. Bumping Threads

I see this a lot here. And I think it would help if you only bumped your thread after a day of no response. If your problem is not addressed, don't fret, someone will usually see it. And if they don't I suggest giving the thread a day before bumping it.

4. Versions

Please indicate in your post which version of PHPLicengine you are using.

It may also be a good idea to indicate which version of PHP and MySQL you use.

5. Try to fix it yourself.

We're glad you use PHPLicengine, and we're glad to help you out with your issue. But, instead of just running to us with an issue, always try to fix it yourself, who knows? Maybe you'll find your answer yourself. Smile

And if your efforts failed, tell us about it so that we know what you have tried to do already.

Sometimes, problems have been fixed in newer versions of PHPLicengine. So if it is convenient, upgrade your board to see if the problem persists.

6. Do not private message, or instant message, people for help. Important!

Private messaging people for help is annoying and it won't help you get an answer quicker. This includes PMing people to ask them to read a thread. Only PM someone for support if they ask you to. Instant Messaging for help is also looked down upon, and extremely annoying.

7. Search The Forums First! Read the FAQ!

Use the search feature, it is your friend. Wink Your problem may have already been addressed. Why open a new thread when there is already the same one with the answers. Big Grin Also read the sticky threads at the top of the support forums.

There is a FAQ available on the PHPLicengine Docs that may answer your question.

8. Use proper English!

The last thing we want is to try and understand what the heck you are saying. Also proofread your message, so we don't have to ask you to explain. We understand that not everyone here may be fluent in English, and that it may not be your fault for not having English as your dominant language, so just try your best.

9. Correct Place

Please post your support question in the right forum, I haven't seen much of this but it's always good to leave Bug Reports and Support Questions separate, if a Support Question becomes a Bug, we'll move it accordingly.

Also, don't be afraid to open more than one thread for each question you want to ask. This makes it easier to discuss each question, than all at once in one thread with many problems on it.

10. Don't get annoyed

If someone cannot help you, but instead gives you a link to something that might help you, don't get annoyed because you don't have the answer right there and then. Go to the link and check it out. If you cannot make sense of it, say so. Don't get into an argument.

Remember, we, the support team members (and the other members in the PHPLicengine community) are human beings who volunteer our time to help you out. We try to respond to your support requests and to resolve them as soon as possible, and so please bear with us.

11. Helping Out

If you know the answer, don't just say "You gotta...." but actually help out. Give them a step by step guide on what they can do to fix it. Not everyone knows what you know. So let them know.

12. Additional Information on Profile

There are several optional fields on your profile (e.g. php version, phpinfo() link etc.) which would help us to answer you faster and better. For your privacy these fields are hidden to public and only support staff can see tham.

The Wiki

The Wiki contains many pages of information varying from the documentation of PHPLicengine to modifications to solutions of common problems.

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  Forums Rules
Posted by: Admin - 08-10-2008, 03:02 PM - Forum: Forum Rules - No Replies

This post will outline the rules we have in place here at PHPLicengine.

Posting Rules

  • All new users will be placed in the Probation group. Probation users cannot upload attachments and avatar and cannot send PMs (but can download attachments and receive PM.). Once a Probation user has greater than ten posts that are non-spam and has atleast 7 days of membership , he or she will automatically be promoted to the regular Registered group. Now they are allowed to upload attachments and avatar and use PM system. We apologise for inconvenience, but this help us to keep our time to offer you better services rather than wasting our time to delete spams and advertisements.
  • Post in the appropriate and topic-related forum.
  • No Spamming - This is Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. We are trying to run a professional forum, and any SPAM messages will be deleted on sight.
  • No Advertising - The only form of advertising allowed is inside your signature. You may have your own link in your signature. Affiliate links are not allowed anyway and will be removed even from your signature. Any others will be deleted on sight.
  • No Flaming - These are insults toward another member. We will not tolerate this and you will be promptly warned to stop. You will receive a maximum of three warnings, and if you continue, you will receive a ban. The worse the offense, the worse the ban. It is possible to be IP Banned in extreme cases.
  • No Bumping - Bumping of threads older than a month without probable cause will result in warnings. Deletion of posts will happen if there are cases of repetitive or failing to stop after warning(s).
  • No Typing in All Caps - Typing in all caps makes you look like your yelling and looks childish. You will receive warning(s) if it becomes repetitive.
  • Use of the RTL or LTR or any "hidden" characters are now, in general, prohibited from use on these forums. The posts will be removed and warnings will be issued. As for what RTL or LTR means; RTL stands for Right-to-Left override. Meaning everything within a certain div will be switched to right-to-left. The opposite is for LTR (Left-to-right).
  • If you believe our moderators are not dealing with your posts properly (keep deleteing, editing your posts wrongly) you may PM Admin about this.
  • Only one forum account per PHPLicengine user is allowed. If we notice that an individual/company has more than one account, only his/her main account will remain active and any other accounts will be banned. So please choose your forum username carefully as username change is not allowed.

Signature and Avatar Rules
  • Signatures with images are not allowed.
  • Signature must be text only, you are allowed a maximum of 3 lines, in the normal or small font size.
  • We only allow avatars that are up to 100 x 100 pixels and 10kb. You cannot upload avatars, you should choose from our available avatar gallery or link to an avatar on your website.
  • We do not allow images that are in .php file extensions. This does not include Forum Statistic images and Image Rotation Scripts, so long as they adhere to the Image Size Limits.
  • Text may not be larger than the normal text size.

Changing Of These Rules

The staff of this site reserve the right to modify these rules without notice.

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